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My work is both functional and sculptural. I explore the images that surround us in everyday life: architecture, nature and the figure.

The contrast in a piece is important to me, whether it's the juxtaposition of the smooth surface against the textured surface, or the organic versus the geometric forms. The color differences of metals and stones also help to finish the piece. I enjoy incorporating found objects with metal: the process of making something that has lost its original function, and making it into something different, something valuable and present it with a different perspective and giving it a "new life."

As a child growing up in Taiwan till the age of twelve, my parents sent me to South Africa from Taiwan for my education. During much of my duration in this new and unfamiliar surrounding, I was unable to communicate in English with my class peers, educators or locals. This isolation made me especially observant and aware of my surroundings. In addition to these dramatic changes in my past environment, my current surroundings and experiences also strongly influence my decisions concerning the forms of my work. Through observation I am able to explore the ideas of containment and duality by using images that surround me in everyday life: architecture, nature and the figure. My relationship with these forms exceeds, however, a simple dictionary definition. My correlations with these forms transport them into an idea or experience that has the ability to hold or capture time and memories.

Each of the components of a given piece adds layers to form and function along with the interpretation of the work. Purpose and meaning are expressed by the multiple functions and forms. Many of my pieces have hidden functions or containers allowing the wearer or owner to disclose all of the pieces according to their desires.

The incorporation of found objects gives new expression to the function of the work. With the inclusion of natural materials presented, I hope to establish for the audience variations or layers to the context. My intention in combining man-made materials with natural objects is to add yet another layer of interest. The forms often used appear to be simple and clean, but what is contained in the form is more complex, organic, earthy or naturalistic.

Every new day, every new experience, and every new environment has the potential to and does influence my work. I take my surroundings and turn them into precious capsules in which the wearer can either hold or attach a memory to in order to have a tangible keepsake. I make and present the work, but it is up to its wearer to choose what precious item will be contained within it.

Chih-Yu (Kevin) Lin

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